Isabelli Media Relations (IMR) is a leading marketing collective for the hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries.

Representing clients around the globe, our approach relies on specialized, full-circle strategies that deliver on a consumer call to action.

Meaningful relationships – with our clients, partners and the press – are at the heart of our success. While guiding all forms of exposure and modern engagement  methods, we believe in cutting through the static that often permeates today’s interactions with a personalized, human touch at every turn.

Our team knows the journalists and partners with whom we collaborate. We have shared in countless meals, media tours, events and more over decades of combined experience in the field. They are esteemed colleagues and we deeply understand what their audiences care about – whether daydreaming with their favorite travel magazine, seeking #foodinspo in their Instagram feed or tuning in to their favorite television program, Netflix addiction or podcast.

IMR stands alone in seasoned strategy, authentic connectivity and smart storytelling. We specialize in what we do best – generating real, hard-to-get exposure and alignment that can change your business.

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